Woow ! Here are the most beautiful halls on Legon Campus

By | August 22, 2018

We can’t always agree on the same things but sometimes a beautiful hall will always be a beautiful hall no matter how much you refuse to accept it.

University of Ghana is a really cool place and even our Kumasi Legon students will agree with us on that hehe. The road that runs from the university main gate up into Commonwealth hall is one of the most beautiful parts of Legon.

But today, we want to talk about the most beautiful halls/hostels on the premier university campus.

Commonwealth Hall

Oh yes!!! No matter how much you hate the Vandels, you can’t deny the fact that the architecture that housed the boys on the hill is one of the well thought-out and the most beautiful building on the Legon Campus if not the whole country.

commonwealth hall of University of Ghana
Commonwealth Hall of University of Ghana

Pentagon Hostel

Oh yeah, You don’t need to be told !! Pentagon is not only the hall for the cash dadies and sweet babes with all the flex on campus. The whole design and the plan for the hall is another level kraaa. If you think I’m lying, just stand far away from the hall maybe somewhere on the UPSA road or the Accra Mall – Madina road and just admire beauty.

pentagon hostel legon of University of Ghana
Pentagon Hostel of University of Ghana

Jean Nelson Hall

Jean Nelson is one of the four new halls located in the diaspora on University of Ghana campus. It is by far the only one of the four halls that is fully completed with all facilities up and running. A basketball court and a volleyball court located right in the middle of the hall makes it even more beautiful.

jean nelson hall of University of Ghana
Jean Nelson Hall of University of Ghana

Sarbah Hall

Sarbah main hall is the only traditional hall that we can feature on our list. It is the cleanest among them and the fountain and monument situated at the center of the hall makes it even more beautiful.

sarbah hall annex of University of Ghana
Sarbah Hall of University of Ghana

Jubilee Hall

This hall is very small and some of the beautiful ladies on campus are staying here. It has a very big playing field right at the middle of it and we think generally it is a cool hall. The SRC president and the Vice mostly stays in this hall but their rooms are really not that big.

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