Reliable internet connection is coming – GIJ SRC assures students

President of the Students Representative Council of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Emmanuel Kumah has assured students of the Institute that they would soon experience reliable internet connectivity on campus.

Students of Ghana Institute of Journalism have an ageing problem of being unable to connect to internet using the services of Ozone, an internet service provider in the country.

According to some students of the communication school, Ozone’s internet can only be accessed when there are few students on campus.

“You can barely connect to the internet during the day on a weekday. The only time you can have access using the school’s WiFi is very early in the morning or Sundays” one student said.

Prior to Emmanuel Kumah’s election as GIJ’s SRC President, he assured the students that he would end the school’s relationship with Ozone and bring on board a new Internet Service Provider to help students have reliable internet access.

Kumah promised to resolve the issue with internet connectivity before the commencement of the 2018/2019 academic year.

However, two weeks into the academic year and the situation is no different.

Speaking to Emmanuel Kumah, he confessed that he did not perceive that he would have a difficult task resolving the issue.

“…Sometimes quite different the way you view things outside and coming into office. Some factors may prevent you from fulfilling some of the things you promise to do” he noted.

Kumah however stated that management of the school had concluded a deal with another Internet Service Provider to resolve the issue.

“…management has concluded a deal with a network provider which I may not disclose now until they publicly do so within the shortest possible time” he said “Our students should expect that they are going to have reliable internet connectivity on campus.” he added.

Meanwhile, the Students Representative Council of the Ghana Institute of Journalism is today marking their first 100 days in office.

As part of activities to celebrate the day, an open forum will be held to address the concerns of students.

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