Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 1/7

When I moved to my new residence in Teshie, it was an ambitious move because I wasn’t ready for it. I was 25 and I thought living with my grandmother and sisters at that age was not a good move.

With a chamber and Hall which I inherited from my grandfather at my disposal, I decided to take the bold step towards independence. Two years on, just like Ghana, I am thinking if my independence is really meaningful because everyday, I pass by my granny’s to eat supper and bathe before heading to Teshie. Sometimes I even empty the bowels in advance so I can save the 70p I spend on my KVIP budget. It’s crazy, mehn. 

But I have seven high moments which I want to share with you this week. We will take it a tablet a day in episodes for seven days. Cool? Well, I expect that you hold on the urge to seduce me to smuggle episodes to you cos I will be in that struggle with you since I intend to write the episodes spontaneous as I am doing now.

So I arrived in Teshie on 24th February without a bed nor a TV set. I had a sofa which my daddy had offered as a post-dated inheritance cheque for me, a student’s mattress from my niece who had just completed SHS, a radio, a centre table, and a few necessities. 

I spent the few days arranging the things without stress because the centre table along covered 2/3 of the room.

I liked the fact that the bathroom was beside me since my room was the last on the stretch so nobody could complain they’ve not seen me pass by to the bathroom for days.

A week after and I need company so I started sitting out from 4-5pm to read. 

One afternoon, one of our tenant’s daughter greeted me and said she her mum mentioned I am an accounting graduate so she wants to find out if I can help her better her grades in Accounting and Core Maths. All along I was trying not to look at her exposed cleavage which was reflecting the sun’s rays into my eyes and forming images on my brain’s spectrum. 

“Hello, please did you hear me?”

That was when I realized my efforts to look away was futile.

“Oh yes! Economics and Elective Maths? Those were my favourites in school.”

“Please, I said Accounting and core Maths!”

“Oh sorry! Don’t worry; you’re covered. I actually love to teach accounting and mathematics flows through my blood. You don’t have a problem”

“Thank you very much. Please will tomorrow be ok for a start?”


Imperfect! I actually wish we were starting today; like right now.

“Ok, we can use our room or even outside here.”

“Your room will be fine,” I said, fearing I sounded too loaded with ulterior motives.

“That’s fine. My mother has agreed to give us the needed privacy so I can focus and learn without her usual interference.”

“That’s actually a good way to provide a conducive learning environment,” I said, already fantasising an alone moment with her. 

…to be continued.


Disclaimer: The people in the attached picture are not in anyway related to the story.

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