2016 national service posting

The second batch of NSS posting is out and all prospective service persons who haven’t seen their place of posting yet can check it on the National Service Website by visiting

After checking your place of posting, the next thing is to print at least three copies of the posting in addition to the NSS appointment letter.


The NSS appointment letter can be downloaded below the posting by clicking on “Get NSS appointment letter”. The letter is however yet to be ready for printing.

The NSS appointment letter will be ready for printing latest by 15th July 2017. Registration is however expected to begin on the 17th of July 2017.


You are required to print 3 copies of the letter and take them to the regional office of your region of posting for the letters to be endorsed at the regional national service secretariat.

The endorsed copies of the NSS appointment letter should then be taken to your place of posting for acceptance. You are then required to file one of the stamped copies of the NSS appointment letter at your district NSS secretariat.

You can now relax and get yourself ready to begin the service by 1st September, 2017.


Also remember to take the following documents along when going to do your registration.

  1. Voter’s ID card or any other national ID card
  2. A photocopy of your school ID card. (If ID card is missing, contact your school to get a cover letter from them)
  3. Ezwish card
  4. 3 Passport Pictures


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