Matriculation is an annual ritual performed by tertiary institutions most especially universities to officially welcome freshmen and women into the university. It’s an avenue through which they get to meet the top hierarchy of the school which in most cases includes the vice chancellor, the registrar, the dean of students’ affair and if they are lucky the chancellor as well as many top professors of the university for the first time.
University of Ghana being the premier university in the country holds this ritual closely and since its incision have never defile its onus to perform this yearly ritual.
This year’s matriculation is on Saturday October 17th 2015. The vice chancellor will be giving a key note address and update the general public on the number of students admitted by the university this year as well as the total population of the university currently. He will as usual seize the opportunity to welcome all freshmen and women into the university as well as advise them to make profitable use of their time here since the University is a hub of endless possibilities.
Enough of the description, lets zoom straight into the main headache of most freshmen and women especially undergraduate first years which is the focal of this long but short piece “what to wear on your matriculation day”. It is undeniable fact that many people find it awfully difficult to choose a suitable attire for many events especially those alien to their circle. My own case was a classical example since I nearly missed the most important event in my university life (matriculation) for the mere fact that I couldn’t decide on the exact dress to put on.
I was naïve and had no one to turn to for help. But hey you don’t have to go through the kind of stress I experienced during my 100 days. Here are some few selections from which you will get a fair idea as to how students are supposed and will most likely be appearing during that all-important event.
Go formal!! Put on a very nice suit, preferable a black or ash coloured one. Your matriculation is one of the most important events you may get to attend as a student of the university. Look your best!! The suit can go with some nice tie or even left like that, anyone goes..
Matriculation dressesSome long sleeves and an official tailored trousers will be as good as good. You look more official and presentable if you match it will some nice tie, an executive shoe and a neat belt. But hey, make sure that your belt matches your shoes at all cost.
Matriculation dressesMy beautiful and smart ladies are also not left out. A very nice office wear will be just fine. I personally love ladies in those kind of secretarial skirts on top of heels. They look classy and that can just be perfect.
Matriculation dresses Matriculation dresses Matriculation dresses
They call them straight dresses. You don’t have to look sexy but smart. Get one straight dress or a suitable coloured dinner dress and you will steal the show from all.
Matriculation dresses Matriculation dresses Matriculation dresses
Finally, in this day and age where both sexes looks just perfect in African wears, I think it will be a perfect alternative if not the number one choice for this all important ceremony.
Matriculation dresses Matriculation dresses
And hey, your gown provided by the school is not supposed to be worn alone but put on your own attire after you done dressing. Arrangements will be made by the schools as to when and how you can collect this gowns and when to return them.
Most importantly, never make my kind of mistake by not taking any picture in your matriculation gown. Even if you not wearing one yourself, not to worry at all! The numerous photographers that will be patrolling the vicinity will definitely be carrying one along. Take a couple of pictures for future references, sometime they may prove more valuable than the degree itself. Though I missed out on taking a pic in my matriculation gown, I took a couple of them with my friends using my then cassava phone and I’m not gonna miss a graduation pic for anything in the world.
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