What is the B.E.C.E grading system, The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the exam that is taken by the junior high school students who wish to join a senior high school of their choice. The aim of the BECE examination is to examen the candidate by testing the level of achievement he/she has made in the different subjects they have undertaken. This is a school leaving and also a determinative examination. It determines the senior high school that one will be posted.

The grading of the BECE is based on a nine(9)-scale grading system. The system was designed to help correct the old grading system by encompassing three key elements.

  • Grade descriptions.
  • They are used in assisting to gauge the level of knowledge the student has acquired.
  • Grade setting. Cut off points

BECE grades and their interpretations 

Below is the 9 grade system adopted for the BECE examination and their interpretation

Grade 1- excellent

Grade 2 – very good

Grade 3 – good

Grade 4 – high average

Grade 5- average

Grade 6- low average

Grade 7- low

Grade 8- lower

Grade 9- lowest