What is the B.E.C.E grading system

By | March 14, 2019

What is the B.E.C.E grading system, The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the exam that is taken by the junior high school students who wish to join a senior high school of their choice. The aim of the BECE examination is to examen the candidate by testing the level of achievement he/she has made in the different subjects they have undertaken. This is a school leaving and also a determinative examination. It determines the senior high school that one will be posted.

The grading of the BECE is based on a nine(9)-scale grading system. The system was designed to help correct the old grading system by encompassing three key elements.

  • Grade descriptions.
  • They are used in assisting to gauge the level of knowledge the student has acquired.
  • Grade setting. Cut off points

BECE grades and their interpretations 

Below is the 9 grade system adopted for the BECE examination and their interpretation

Grade 1- excellent

Grade 2 – very good

Grade 3 – good

Grade 4 – high average

Grade 5- average

Grade 6- low average

Grade 7- low

Grade 8- lower

Grade 9- lowest

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