UHAS Admission Forms 2017

UHAS Admission Forms 2017

The following are UHAS Admission Forms 2017 for all programmes. The admission forms are grouped under the various categories of application.


  1. Pls I had c6 in maths,c4 in economics,c6 in English,c6 in science,c6 in biology,c5 in management in living,b3 in social and a1 in food and nutrition .do I qualify for dietitics in UHASS ?

  2. I completed school last year with 2AS,5B2 and a single b3 and i want to know wjhether i can be admitted this year to persue physician assistanship

  3. please i want to fill my online forms for your university but i filled to some point and a pop up menu came that ‘ooops there is something wrong” i have tried for some time now, but is not working what should i do please.


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