University Of Ghana Legon 2020/2021 Courses and Cut off Points

University Of Ghana Legon 2020/2021 Courses and Cut off Points

University Of Ghana Legon 2020/2021 Courses and Cut off Points, These courses have been aligned below. See all the List of courses offered in the University of Ghana


School of Medicine and Dentistry

  •   Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  •   Bachelor of Dental Surgery

School of Pharmacy

  •      Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences

  •      Bachelor of Science in Dietetics
  •      Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory
  •      Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
  •      Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  •      Bachelor of Science in Radiography

School of Nursing & Midwifery

  •       Bachelor of Science in Nursing



Group 1: Physical Sciences

Physics, Chemistry, Geophysics

Group 2: Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Biomathematics, Physics

Group 3: Earth Sciences

Geology, Applied Geology, Applied Geophysics

Group 4: Information Technology

Group 5: Biological Sciences

Animal Biology and Conservation Science, Biochemistry Cell and Molecular Biology, Nutrition, Food Science, Plant and Environmental Biology, Marine Science, Fisheries Science, Psychology, Microbiology.

Group 6: Agriculture

Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Science, Agriculture Economics, Agribusiness, Agriculture Extension, Post-Harvest Technology.

Group 7: Family and Consumer Science (Food and Clothing Option)

Group 8: Family and Consumer Science (Family and Child Studies Option)

Group 9: Engineering Sciences

Material Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Food Process Engineering, Agriculture Engineering

Group 10: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


University of Ghana Business School

  •      Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Ghana School of Law

  •      Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

School of Arts – Bachelor of Arts –Available in the following Departments:

  •      Department of Religions
  •      Department of Philosophy and Classics
  •      Department of History
  •      Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

School of Languages – Bachelor of Arts –Available in the following Departments:

  •       Department of English
  •       Department of French
  •       Department of Modern Languages
  •       Department of Linguistics

School of Social Sciences – Bachelor of Arts –Available in the following Departments:

  •      Department of Economics
  •      Department of Political Science
  •      Department of Sociology
  •      Department of Geography and Resource Development
  •      Department of Social Work
  •      Department of Psychology

School of Performing Arts – Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Arts –Available in the following Departments:

  •      Department of Dance Studies
  •      Department of Theatre Arts
  •      Department of Music


School of Information and Communication Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies

School of Education and Leadership

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Education

School of Continuing and Distance Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Bachelor of Arts – Available in the following Departments:
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Political Science
    • Department of Sociology
    • Department of Psychology
    • Department of Information Studies
  • Department of Adult Education and Human Resource Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (For professional nurses who already have a Diploma in Nursing from a recognized Nursing Training College)

Diploma Programmes

The following diploma programmes are now run at the Accra, Kumasi and Tamale Learning Centres. Applicants should note that the all distance education programmes are non-residential.

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Public Administration
  • Diploma in Statistics
  • Diploma in Librarianship
  • Diploma in Archives Administration
  • Diploma in Adult Education
  • Diploma in Youth Development Work (CYP)
Programme 2019/2020
College of Basic & Applied Sciences
B.Sc. Agriculture 24
B.Sc. Family & Consumer Sciences 24
B.Sc. Engineering Sciences 14
B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences 18
B.Sc. Information Technology 15
B.Sc. Physical Sciences 24
B.Sc. Earth Science 18
B.Sc. Biological Science 24
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 15
College of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery 7
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 10
Bachelor of Pharmacy 8
Bachelor of Nursing 12
B.Sc. Dental Laboratory Sciences 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice – 10
B.Sc. Dietetics 16
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences 12 1st Choice
B.Sc. Midwifery 20
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy 16 1st Choice
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice – 10
B.Sc. Radiography 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice – 10
College of Humanities
Bachelor of Laws 7
B.Sc. Administration Regular 8
B.Sc. Administration Fee-paying
B.Sc. Administration City Campus
Bachelor of Arts – General Arts Background 16/17
Bachelor of Arts – Fee-paying
Bachelor of Arts – Business/Science/Vocational Background 12
Bachelor of Arts – City Campus
Bachelor of Fine Arts
College of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Education 24
Bachelor of Science in Education 24
Bachelor of Arts – Distance Education 30
Bachelor of Science in Administration – Distance Education 26
B.Sc. Information Technology – Distance Education 30


  1. Emmanuel Baah

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    Can I apply for Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery.
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    I really like the cut off points.I hope I fit in

  12. Dogbey Johnson

    I really like the cut off points.I hope I fit in.That is my believe

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  14. it is part of mathematical science

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    Biology B2
    Physics. B3
    Elect maths C5
    Social A1
    Intr Science B3
    Mathematics B3
    English C5
    pls wat program can I get to offer

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    Core maths -A1
    inter science-B2
    E-maths -B2

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