University Of Energy And Natural Resource 2019/2020 Courses and Cut off Points

University Of Energy And Natural Resource 2019/2020 Courses and Cut off Points

University Of Energy And Natural Resource 2019/2020 Courses and Cut off Points, the following programmes are available to all applicants who wishes to apply for admission at  University Of Energy And Natural Resource.

University of Energy and Natural Resources UENR  Programmes :


  1. BSc. Agricultural Engineering
  2. BSc. Civil Engineering
  3. BSc. Computer Engineering
  4. BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  5. BSc. Environmental Engineering
  6. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  7. BSc. Petroleum Engineering
  8. BSc. Renewable Energy Engineering
  9. Diploma Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  1. BSc. Actuarial Science
  2. BSc Biological Sciences
  3. BSc. Chemistry
  4. BSc. Computer Science
  5. BSc. Information Technology
  6. BSc. Mathematics
  7. BSc. Medical Biodiagnostic Sciences
  8. BSc. Nursing
  9. BSc. Statistics
  10. Diploma Computer Science
  11. Diploma Information Technology
  12. Diploma Insurance
  13. Diploma Statistics


  1. BSc. Fire and Disaster Management
  2. BSc. Natural Resources (with options in)
  • Ecotourism
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Forest Resource Management
  • Land Reclamation and Restoration
  • Social Forestry
  • Wildlife and Range Management

3. Diploma Natural Resources Management


  1. BSc. Hospitality Management
  2. BSc. Professional French
  3. BSc. Resource Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  4. Diploma Enterprise Management
  5. Diploma Hospitality Management


  1. BSc. Agribusiness
  2. BSc. Agriculture with options in
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Production
  • Horticulture

3. Diploma Agriculture


  1. BSc. Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  2. BSc. Planning and Sustainability
  3. Diploma Geo-Information Science


There are certain criteria to be observed before being admitted to study in any of the courses in any tertiary institution in Ghana. One of these which include meeting the required cut-off points for each school as well as the courses itself. It is very easy to obtain admission if one has met the required cut off mark for the admission into a particular course.

University of Energy and Natural Resource UENR Cut off points are used to determine who gets admitted into UENR and which course the person is offered.

In most cases, the cut off point for UENR is to be used by a prospective student seeking to gain admission into the institution as a guide in selecting his or her courses or programmes.

The said student is to measure the UENR Cut off points 2018 against his or her grades in order to find out whether he or she is qualified to be admitted into the particular programme of choice.

The following is the University of Energy and Natural Resource UENR cut-off points to consider before applying for Admission to any academic programme available at UENR for the 2018/2019 Academic Year.

University of Energy and Natural Resource UENR Cut Off Points 2019

Details of University of Energy and Natural Resource UENR Cut off points 2018. These cut-off points are only to guide us and hence are not fixed.

The cut off point for UENR is not immediately available to the public. The entry requirements or admission requirements are normally used in all cases.

i. SSSCE holders with credit passes (A-D) in English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science/Social Studies plus credit passes (A-D) in Three Elective subjects relevant to the programme of study with an aggregate score of 24 or better.

ii. WASSCE holders with credit passes (A1-C6) in English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science/Social Studies plus credit passes (A1-C6) in Three Elective subjects relevant to the programme of study with an aggregate score of 36 or better.

iii. ADVANCED LEVEL holders with credit in at least Five (5) subjects at the GCE ‘O’ Level (or its equivalent) including English and Mathematics, plus at least two passes in the subjects relevant to the programme of study.

iv. HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA HOLDERS in a related course with at least 2nd Class Lower Division. In addition, applicants must have acquired at least Two (2) years post HND working experience.

v. UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA HOLDERS in a related course with at least a Pass. In addition applicants must have acquired at least Two (2) years post Diploma working experience.

vi. MATURE STUDENTS. The applicant must have attained at least, the age of 25 years at the time of application, and show proof of the age with a birth certificate or any legitimate documentary proof of the date of birth. In addition, applicants should have at least credit passes in English Language and Mathematics in SSSCE/WASSCE or any other nationally recognized standard High School level examinations. In lieu of such qualification, applicants must pass a Mature Students’ Entrance Examination conducted by the University in English Language, Mathematics and Aptitude Test.

vii. FOREIGN APPLICANTS who have any of the above qualifications or their equivalents from an accredited/recognized institution.

Other qualifications acceptable for consideration include International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, American Grade 13 Examinations and other external qualifications which have equivalences to the WASSCE/SSSCE and the GCE (A Levels).

Candidates with Science, Business, General Arts, Visual Art, Home Economics and General Agriculture background can apply for the BSc Hospitality Management and BSc Entrepreneurship and Resource Management programmes.


  1. Hinneh Sylvester

    I had English D7 but for the rest all is great.will I be admitted please

  2. Eunice Pokuaa

    Pls i had
    Social C4
    Cmaths C6
    English C6
    Science C5
    Biology C4
    Chemistry B3
    Pyhsics C6
    Emaths D7
    Please do i qualify for Nursing

  3. Pls I had social c5
    English fail
    Science cancelled
    Maths c6
    Biology c6
    Management D7
    General knowledge in arts c4

  4. Prempeh Agyemang

    Pls I had social E8
    English E8
    Science D7
    Maths c6
    Biology D7
    Physics E8
    Elective maths E8
    Chemistry c6
    Pls can I come there

  5. Comment:please i had
    social studies C4
    English Language C6
    Mathematics C6
    Integrated Science B3
    Economic C4
    Geography C6
    Government B3
    Asante Twi C4

    please will i get Science or Diploma

  6. Comment:Please I had
    C5 in English
    C5 in social
    C4 in core maths
    C6 in inter science
    D7 in E maths
    C4 in Biology
    B3 in chemistry
    E8 in physics
    please do I qualify for any of the courses of science .

  7. Pls i had
    Chemistry c6
    E-math b3
    Animal hus e8
    Agricultural c6
    Can i be admitted @ your institutions, bcs statistics

  8. Benjamin Allotey

    Please i had
    Maths c6
    Science B3
    Social B2
    English D7
    Government C4
    Economics C5
    CRS B3
    Geography C4

    Which Degree courses does I qualify?
    What courses can you offer me?

  9. plz I had Social c4 English d7 math d7 science c5 chemistry c6 crop c5 general agriculture b3 emath e8 can I get to offer back in agriculture science with our noble institution

  10. please I had
    social studies A1
    English C6
    Integrated science B2
    core mathematics B2
    Elective mathematics C6
    Elective Biology C6
    Elective chemistry C4
    Elective physics C4
    can I offer computer science or medical laboratory sciences at the school

  11. I had A1 in c-maths,English e8,geography B3,e-maths c6,economics c6,interscience d7,social c4.pls can I gain admission to diploma in statistics.

  12. Please I had the following grades
    Social studies D 7
    English C 6
    Mathematics C6
    Science C 5
    Chemistry C4
    General agriculture C4
    Physics C6
    Animals husbandry C4

  13. I had
    social studies B2
    English c6
    Core mathematics c4
    integrated science c6
    economics B3
    geography c5
    government c4
    elective mathematics c6
    do I qualify to study environmental engineering or climate change or sustainable planning and development

  14. English B3
    cMaths B3
    Science B3
    Social B3
    Biology C5
    Chemistry B2
    Physics C6
    Emaths C4
    please can offer petroleum engineering

  15. Please I had A1 in chemistry ,c5 in core maths and e-maths and the rest are B3
    Do I qualify for physician assistant
    Or degree in nursing or biomedilab

  16. N. Ayuba Mutawakil

    Please I have English E8,science c5 and the rest B3. Can I get either animal science or veterinary nursing?

  17. Ellen Nana Esi Koomson

    Can I apply for a nursing program with these results
    Social studies B3
    Core Science D7
    English C5
    Core maths E8
    Literature B3
    Christian religious stud B3
    Government B3
    Fante B3

  18. Hello I had ss-A ,sc-c5,c-maths-c6 ,Eng-c4, e-maths-c6,e-physics c6,e-boilogy c6,e-chemE8.can I get admission to offer environmental engineering

  19. Bekoe Prince Osei

    please I had
    c-maths: B3
    science: C5
    English: C5
    technical drawing: C4
    build.const.: C5
    can I offer civil engineering?

  20. Appiah Rubben

    Please sir I had social A1 English C6 core maths E8 government C4 economics B3 and geography C6 please can I gain an admission in your noble institution. For more information 0553038993

  21. Appiah Rubben

    please I had social A1 English C6 core maths E8 government C4 economics B3 and geography C6 please can I gain an admission in your noble institution. For more information 0553038993.

  22. Ofosu Bright

    I had D7 in core maths,4Bs,1A and 2Cs with a Basic fire Service certificate. Please can I apply for fire and Disaster Management course?.

  23. I had
    Social studies B3
    English C6
    Core maths C4
    Science C6
    Government B3
    Economics C6
    Geography D7
    Elective maths E8
    please can I offer Bsc.Natural resources or Agricbusiness

  24. Nantomah Nampasia Abdul-Latif

    Pls i have diploma in psychology in social studies and English.can offer environmental engineering

  25. Pls I had c6 in biology,c4 in social,c5 in chemistry,c6 in physics,c6 in science,c5 in english ,c6 in core maths and d7 in elective maths.can I offer medical bio diagnostic science ?

  26. Kodzi Emmanuel

    Please I had
    English B3
    Social A1
    Core maths A1
    Integrated science A1
    Elective maths C4
    Chemistry B2
    Physics B2
    Biology B3
    Do I qualify for petroleum engineering

  27. Philip Agyiri

    Hello sir, had the following grades
    Social – B2
    Core maths- B2
    Inte.Science -A1
    English- C5
    Can i please make it into Mech.Engineering ,Ren.Engineering or computer Engineering?

  28. I had:
    Social studies:A1
    Core maths :B2
    Science. :B3
    English. :C5
    physics :C6
    Biology :B3
    Elective maths:C6
    Chemistry :B3
    Can I please get the chance to study BSC.Medical Biodiagnostic sciences¿¿

  29. Pls I had
    C5 in English
    C6 in core maths
    C4 in chemistry
    C6 in physics
    C5 in social studies
    C6 in science
    C6 in biology
    And d7 in e-maths.pls can I offer medical biodiagnostic science in your school?

  30. Yussif iddris

    Pls can u combine two different wassce results to apply for admmition.

  31. Soc -B3
    Eng – C6
    C- Math – A1
    Int Sci – B3
    E- Math -C4
    Bio -C5
    Chem -C4
    Phys – B3
    Can i offer biomedilab

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