PICAPP FOODS: A Lifestyle Choice

Do you hate those long queues at the food vending joints? Do you get frustrated when your whole day is filled with lectures with little time to go find food? Are you so busy during examination time so much that you would love your food delivered to you? Are your roommates tired of you sending them to get food for you? Would you want to surprise that special someone with a meal? Look no further. With PICAPP FOODS, your food problems are solved.
PICAPP FOODS is a delivery company that is operating in Accra and is piloting its services on the University of Ghana campus. Their aim is to provide food delivery services to everyone at cool affordable prices within the shortest possible time.
With a few clicks you can be munching on your favourite meal from your favourite food joint without having to go out or join long queues. To be able to have these benefits of your food delivered right at your doorstep without having to join long queues, you just have to download the PICAPP app from the Google PlayStore and sign up. Then you are ready to go.
The good news is that for the entire month of September, PICAPP will be giving free deliveries on Sundays. There would also be codes for the first 2000 signups and these codes can qualify the customers for movie tickets and many more freebies.
Dear reader, it would be in your best interest to sign up and stay hooked with PICAPP FOODS because there are so many juicy benefits up their sleeves. Life just got better with PICAPP FOODS.

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