Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 4/7

I was surprised to see Beryl at the door when I responded to the knock. It was only 7:24am per my watch and I don’t remember scheduling the class this early. Part of my surprise can be attributed to her dressing. She was in a pink nightie that was over three inches above her knee.

I think I even saw the colour of her underwear. The string that was supposed to hold the petty coat together was left flying seductively on the chest. Her facial expression left no clue for her mission.

“Hey. What’s up?”

She rubbed her eyes as if to clear her lenses to read her response to my question.

“Mum just stepped out. Can we do accounting this morning and then meet in the afternoon for the Maths?”

“Sure. That’s fine by me. Let me freshen up and find something to eat.”

“Don’t worry about food; breakfast is on me.”

“Cool. And lunch?!”

She turned away lustfully, rolling the string in my face.

“If I meet her in her room in that outfit, I’ll have no other option than to be naughty,” I vowed to myself.

The oats was too thick for my liking and I think the sandwich was too vegetarian.

“Hey, thanks yh. I appreciate it.”


“Can we start now?”


“The Accounting, of course.”

“You’re sure that’s what you want?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I seriously wanted to follow that line of conversation and be naughty but something told me it was too early for such a level of naughtiness. That something can go to hell, I yelled silently to myself.

“What else do you have to offer?”

Wrong question.

With a pull of the string, the petty coat was off, exposing the full circumference of the melons. Yes, they were melons, not lemons or oranges. Melons!!! I swallowed heavily and blinked sheepishly. Is this happening to me? It is not time for rhetorics, I heard a voice whisper to me again.

Beryl moved towards me and threw her legs apart while she adjusted her butt on me. We almost connected at the confidential but she shifted a little to allow my dandelion to be free. We married our lips in a series of soft kisses, which later turned into ruthless munching of tongues. At a point I was suffocating. Beryl was such a good kisser I wondered what I’ve been doing with all those girls who came my way.

After about ten minutes, she dragged me by the shirt unto the three-in-one sofa. I knew what that meant. She walked to the door and turned the knob. The cling of the keys melted my soul. Things were happening so fast.

“Make me feel like a woman,” She laid on the back threw her legs apart.

Even though I knew what the end product of her demand, I was a bit confused as to what she actually wanted at the moment.

I took off my shirt and went down on her.

Her moaning was an approval that I was doing the right thing. She sprouted on the sofa as if I was sapping strength from her and it boosted my ego. I went deeper, and faster, sliding in all my digital.

She pulled herself up and said, “Can I trust you to service me?”

I heard, “Cervix me” so I nodded and took off my shorts in pride to let loose my already inflated phallus. She admired the veins on it and smiled.

“I like it!” she said.

No time for compliments.

I pushed her down and slid myself into her, not without force and fear. She tried to push me away in pain but it was too late; I was already half way inside and stroking gently, while rubbing on the essentials.

“Deeper,” her trembling voice demanded.

I forced myself through and banged her in a rhythmic manner.

The next sound was one of both agony and pleasure.

I raised her with two pillows to create a cavity at her back.

Mehn! It’s gonna be a long, long journey!

…to be continued.

Disclaimer: The people in the attached picture are not in anyway related to the story.

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