NSS Allowance For November 2018

NSS Allowance For November 2018, The numerous hiccups that have been in existence with regard to the low national services allowance are soon coming to an end, since the government of Ghana is working tirelessly to streamline issues in that sector. The latest news on NSS allowance is that the government of Ghana has released funds to take care of August, September and October allowances. Speaking through the Deputy Director of the National Service Scheme, the government apologizes to all those whose allowances delayed. In its defense, the government blames the presence of ghost works who have heartlessly been draining its pockets, eating where they did sow. He also promised that NSS November allowance would be disbursed after auditing had been done and no loopholes for corruption had been created. In his speech, he assured the National Service Personnel that the accrued amounts would be paid. He did not specify when the nss allowances paid would reflect in the accounts of the personnel.

Ghana national service scheme

The feuds that existed between the National Service Personnel and the government of Ghana has since then since the government made effort to ensure that their grievances had been taken into consideration and like other citizens, they would be treated equal. The government of Ghana refuted the claims that it had denied the Ghana national service scheme allowance increment. It stated clearly that the increment had not been clearly stipulated in the budget and that was the main cause of the hiccups that had arose.

Ghana national service allowance 2018

Like the previous years, it is the responsibility of the Ghana National Service Scheme in conjunction with the ministry of finance to ensure that payment of Ghana national service allowance 2018 are promptly made to the National Service Personnel. The Ghana national service salary basically depends on the place and field that the National Service Personnel has been posted to. There are a couple of factors that determine the place and field where the national service personnel is posted. Among these factors is the course pursued. For instance, a candidate who pursued education in his A level gets posted to a learning institution.

It is evident that Ghana as a country is concerned about the well being of its citizens and is creating opportunities for them to get experience and also increase their chances of getting employed.

In spite of the latest news on NSS allowance, stating that NSS didn’t pay allowances to its members; which it has strongly refuted, the scheme continues to offer solution to unemployment menace in Ghana while preparing the youth for fruitful working years.

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