Naa Oboshie  Anang: 2018 Best Graduating student of University of Ghana

best graduating student of legon

The July congregation of University of Ghana is ongoing in the Great hall of the University of Ghana. The best graduating student of this year is a business student by name Naa Oboshie  Anang. Anang is graduating with an FGPA of 3.94 out of the 4.00 optainable.

Below is the profile of 2018 Best Graduating student of University of Ghana

Naa Oboshie  Anang attended Accra Girls Senior High School where she studied Business and obtained 8As. The teaching staff of the school built in her a deep desire to pursue Accounting as a profession, with the goal to becoming a world-class financial and accounting consultant.

To realize this dream and gain further knowledge, she applied to the University of Ghana Business School for her undergraduate studies. Naa Oboshie continued her preference for commuting from home to school at Legon, and the selection of the university of Ghana Accra City Campus as her study campus was based on convenience and her career objectives. She is graduating with an FGPA of 3.94 as top of the graduating cohort.

Naa Oboshie describes herself as a naturally inquisitive person who is always on the lookout for opportunities. This was why in 2016 while in level 300, she joined nine other classmates to participate in an entreprenuership fair held by the Business School. With just their programmed device and an internet connection, the group offered customers all their entertainment choices on a single platform. These included movies, games and sports replays. The device had a record function and no satellite dishes were required. The innovative ideas and the ability to make practical sense of what had been taught became evident as her team won first place. In characteristic fashion.  Naa Oboshie  went on to set up a commercially viable business out of that project.

In 2017, she undertook an internship programme at KPMG to gain hands-on experience of what her life would be like as an accountant. She has also maintained a keen focus on her career objectives and is about to begin the final part of her Professional Examinations.

The guidance and attention provided by her lecturers, family and friends encouraged her to give back to society. She is currently a member of the volunteer group “Bear a Hand” which seeks to impact basic accounting and bookkeeping skills to small scale businesses free of charge. The group also provides educational guidance to younger ones who are less endowed.

In five years’ time, Naa Oboshie Ananag sees herself as having obtained the requisite knowledge and expertise  needed to establish her own accounting practice firm.


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