Below is the profile of one of the front runners in the University of Ghana SRC Presidential race. He has been in and out of the SRC, rose through the ranks of the union and promises to make the SRC Great Again when voted into office.

Kwaku Asante Bismark is a Political Science and English student of the University of Ghana. He has been deeply influential within student political circles since he debuted in 2016. Before that, those who had keenly followed events regarding the contentious Mikdad-Fobi election, would know of a series of articles he had written before and after the election.

Kwaku Asante is an impassioned person who believes in service and the results thereof. His ideas are always to see a world where everyone is treated equally and equitably when necessary.

At Level 200 and given the advocacy he had led in previous years, he was appointed to serve in the *Leadership of the Student Representative Council (SRC) as Clerk of the General Assembly* where he occasionally sat in chaired legislative sittings by way of deputizing for the Speaker and His Deputy.

He had the honor and opportunity to be in meetings involving top University management members notably the Dean of Student Affairs and negotiated on behalf of the ordinary student.

He was influential in the SRC reverting to using the Manual Election system for electing SRC leaders. His passionate notes has contributed, alongside other student advocates and SRC in requesting Management to extend registration deadline during the period which he served as one of the leaders of the SRC.

Since Level 100, he has volunteered for the University Radio station – Radio Univers as a Broadcast Journalist and Producer, for sometime he hosted the weekly political review show dubbed Leadership Focus where he had the opportunity to question policy makers sometimes and those who believe in the commissions and ommisions of political actors.

He says of himself “I think one of the best attributes of myself is that I am an incredibly good listener – listening not just for its sake, but to make informed deductions that feed into what output I give”.

Consequent of all the good things he keeps doing, he has been awarded twice. First in Level 100 as the *Student Activist of Year* and then in Level 200 as the *Best Writer* at the *Commonwealth Hall Excellence Awards*.

Student Activist of the year because of his impassioned desire to see that the ordinary interest of other students are fully represented always.

He’s a good negotiator. He knows all the inner workings of the SRC and how the system operates. He’s very experienced in leadership matters and always sees advocacy, even if positive radical advocacy, as the best way to see that students who he refers to as “95% stakeholders of the University” interest are met.