LegonConnect opened it popularity polls yesterday to measure the views of students on the upcoming University of Ghana SRC elections. Here are a few metrics projected from the data submitted by 93 respondents as at 3:31 ON Sunday.


TIME: 3:31

On the Treasurers, over 54% of the total respondents believe that EFFAH OPOKU EMMANUEL is the preferred candidate for that position

62.4% of the total respondents are of the view that EFFAH OPOKU EMMANUEL is conducting the most extensive campaign for the position of the Treasurer.

In the secretaryship portfolio, JANET MAAME SERWAA is in a comfortable lead with 58.1% of the total respondents of the view that she is the preferred candidate for the office, while 52.2% of the respondent believe she is doing the most extensive campaign.

For the position of the SRC president which is being contested by 7 candidates, Otting Daniel came first as the preferred candidate with 37.6% of the total votes whiles Arhin Gerald Daakyehene had the least vote in that category.


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