Disclaimer: Re: Arrogant Kwaku Asante Insults Boadi and one other. 

The attention of the Kwaku Asante Campaign has been drawn to a news item making rounds that purport to report that Kwaku Asante Bismark, Presidential aspirant in this year’s SRC race had arrogantly insulted a fellow aspirant on the floor of the General Assembly.

This statement totally repudiate the reports as false and has no semblance of truth. Witnesses on the floor of the General Assembly will all bear witness to what transpired on the floor of the legislative assembly.

On the floor of the General Assembly, whilst Kwaku Asante had been given the opportunity to speak, the one who know claims was insulted shouted from the back even when parliamentary procedure frowns on same, it was at the point that Kwaku Asante responded that “he had learnt no lessons from his previous experiences..” One would wonder, if genuinely, this is even remotely an insult.

Apart from the fact that the article fails to state what specific insult that was, it totally basks in religious bigotry that should not be associated with student politics in the Premier University.

We are aware of our political opponents attempt, to draw us into such unhealthy politics as a way of raising their drowsy and drowning campaigns even as some seek, for the third time to occupy the SRC presidency.

Any person that has come across Kwaku Asante before knows that one cannot, even for a moment, associate him with arrogance, he is very opened to listen to other people and their viewpoints even when they completely parallel. Those are his values.

This Campaign contacted the writer of that obscure blog with little credibility who was not even present at the sitting but admitted being fed those basic untruth from a so called ‘anonymous’ source. Evidence from the conversation on WhatsApp exist.

As of now, the article has been deleted from the website, giving credence to our statement that the news item was filled with palpable falsehood.

We will urge other aspirants to conduct the ensuing campaign with decorum and respect.



Israel Boafo Bansah

I am a graduate of the University of Ghana who studied Animal Biology and Conservation Science. I love writing and reporting events. A classically trained violinist and an analytical thinker I am. I am also A budding microbiologist.
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