KNUST Institute of Distance Learning Postgraduate Programmes

KNUST- Institute of Distance Learning  is pleased to announce to all prospective applicants and the general public the following Postgraduate Programmes for the 2016-2017 Academic Year and Beyond.

  1. Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA)
  2. Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration (CEMPA)
  3. MPhil/MSc. Industrial Mathematics
  4. MBA Specialization (For CEMBA/CEMPA Graduates)
  5. MSc Environmental Science
  6. MSc Food Quality Management
  7. MPhil/MSc. Information Technology
  8. MPhil Post Harvest Technology (Horticulture)
  9. MPhil/MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  10. MPhil/MSc. Health Informatics
  11. Master of Public Administration
  12. MPhil/MSc. Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management
  13. MPhil/MSc. Educational Innovation and Leadership Science
  14. MA Sociology
  15. MPhil/MSc. Industrial Finance and Investment
  16. MSc. Development Management
  17. MPhil/MA. Political Studies
  18. Master of Education Degree (MEd)*
  19. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  20. MSc. Applied Statistics
  21. MSc. Accounting
  22. MSc. Economics
  23. MPhil/MSc. Forensic Science
  24. MPhil. Solid State Physics
  25. MSc. Petroleum Geophysics
  26. MPhil. Meteorology and Climate Science
  27. MPhil/MSc. Mineral and Groundwater Exploration Geophysics
  28. MPhil. Materials Science
  29. MSc. Project Management
  30. MSc. Actuarial Science
  31. MSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics