Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi Acquah Defers Again?

If you’re a continuing student of the university of Ghana or someone who keenly followed UGSRC election in the past two years then the name Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi Acquah should not be news to your ears.

Schandorf served as the PRO of the university of Ghana SRC during the Esinam Afi Seade regime. He resigned on allegations of corruption to contest the UGSRC election to prove his self-acclaimed incorruptible nature with the likes of Daniel Otting, Emmanuel Boadi, Moses Baafi, Kumi amongst others. At the end of the day Schandorf unfortunately couldn’t make it to the union building.

He deferred his course that particular year. Some would argue he wanted to put himself back together psychologically to be able to further his academic work. If that was the case, then it was a step in the right direction until the same Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi Acquah mischievously got himself elected as the deputy speaker of the General assembly. This raised a lot of eyebrows and caught the attention of the then dean of students’ affairs, Prof Nunoo, who sent word from his office to the leadership of the general assembly to remove Schandorf from office since he was not then a registered student of the University.

Not too far from all of these happenings, posters of Schandorf popped up to contest the SRC presidency once again making it his second time in a row. He fought a good fight in the race with everyone expecting to see Schandorf bring up new strategies to get him in the union building since he topped vetting and happens to be an excellent communicator and smart young man. Unfortunately, PKS didn’t make it the second time.

After election, there were suicide attempts by the young man in question. If not for the timely intervention of a few friends of his and by the grace of God, Schandorf wouldn’t have opportunity now to defer his course again for the second time to contest the UGSRC presidency this year again. Making it his third contest for the Presidency in a row.

Sources closer to him indicated to that they’ve sat him down to talk to him about his political future however Schandorf has taken an entrenched stance saying his prophet made it clear to him that he will become UGSRC president no matter how long it takes or how rough the road may be.

Many have wondered why Schandorf will take such a step after all the happenings in the past. Some would’ve expected Schandorf to take a break from student politics and harness his huge potential in the media and communication landscape.

Whatever his decisions may be, we have got to respect that. Some hope that people closer to him sit him down and talk to him.

Is it an issue of proving a point or he’s just following the social rhetoric of “never giving up”?

Whatever the issues may be, time will tell.

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