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Clothed with Shame

Clothed with Shame The tool of pain and strive Lingering within my space I sort to go blank So dizzy I am drunk Behold my shame all Am rejected like snow ball Mesmerized at shame Abandoned with pain The flickering lights of joy They flash my eye balls Disdain, fury and anger They take away… Read More »

Open Letter To The UGSRC President

Kwaku Asante writes: Dear Daniel Otting Awuah, Good day and I trust you are doing well. I was present at your inauguration and I must say your Inaugural address was on point. But this day I write to you to elicit some information with respect to fees for the upcoming academic year. Already, on some… Read More »


It was way back in the Junior High School when I used to stay on top of my game by either topping the class or being among the first in the class. This streak had won me all the phony care from most of the good girls and bad girls all alike. I continued enjoying… Read More »


If you understand the psychology of youthfulness, you’d know that the period is rarely all rainbows and sunshine. In a period where we try to keep our fantasies in check and engage in soul searching of soaring intensity, the life of the youth is a blend of contradictions and anything but obvious. But still, we… Read More »


Deep to her heart I dug, But the chalice of her romance is a toxic filthy mug. Her betrayal is an open ocean, Her victory dance is the tide’s own motion. Seemed to ye my affection was inept. Love was all the cause, My loneliness is the effect. Brethren where there’s love there’s lies, No… Read More »


There is a certain village lying peaceably in Africa, far beyond the sight of many men. Its night has lost its ability to blind because its skies are well lit by the sharp rays of the moon that sliced the components of the dusk through and through. In this place there is no malice. When… Read More »