Busia, A Talent Gone Waste!

Yesterday in the evening I saw a message circulating that miss Busia has picked her forms for SRC secretary and for me I think that is the worse decision she can ever make is as person.
I have witnessed three successive SRC elections on the University of Ghana campus.
I can say by that, and on my active involvement in them all that this elections will be my most intriguing looking at the way it has spanned so far.
We will have very competent people to man our student front if we do the right thing as students and choose the right people. Its is however dependant on the right people availing themselves for the position that well fits them.
I woke up one day to see a text message from Busia, a very good friend of mine from afar… Lol..
I was initially startled, then I became convinced that this was a classical example of a talent gone ‘waste’.
Having known Busia from the General Assembly, Volta Hall and the Hall Senate and her paticipation in Toastmasters, I am convinced that she possesses all the qualities of SRC PRESIDENT.
She is competent, goal oriented, focused, has an unspeakable personality, and courageous.
With all these qualities, I believe Busia should’ve gone for the Presidency rather than the Secretary.
One sees in a person, the qualities that are deeply hidden in them provided the fellow will take a critical look.
Having studied her for 2 years now, I have no doubt she is competent and qualified to man the affairs of the SRC. With her in-depth knowledge of the affairs of the SRC, her excellent communication and human relation skills, and all the experience she has gathered over the years at GA, the hall JCR and UGPH, I doubt there is any of the other competitors who matches up to her personality, I would’ve wished that, Nana Akua Afriyie Busia runs for the SRC President instead of secretary but unfortunately she has already gone ahead to file for the office of secretary.
Why are all the strong women settling for less?
I wish I could brand her a disappointment to womanhood and to students of the University of Ghana.
Level 400
Volta Hall

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