BECE Placement 2018: How to check 2018 BECE placement results

All candidates who passed the 2018 Basic Education Certificate Examinations can now access their Senior High School placement online.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has asked the candidates who passed their exams to go to the Computer School Selection and Placement portal to check the senior high schools they have been placed.

Candidates can check their placement by purchasing the CSSPS scratch card and texting the 10-digit code plus their index number to the shortcode 1060 on all mobile networks.

WAEC states it is already in the process of dispatching the results to the various schools.

In all, 509,827 candidates made up of 263,291 males and 246,536 females sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination.

How to check 2018 BECE placement results

How to check BECE placement 2018. There are several ways in which someone may check and confirm their BECE school placement 2018 status.

This ways are designed to ensure that every candidate is able to view their placement status.

You can check your BECE placement through the SMS service and through the internet.

How to check placement through SMS

The process of checking your BECE has been eased. It is possible to check your BECE placement status using your mobile phone.

Guide to the BECE placement checker 2018 using your mobile phone;

1. Have a mobile phone that can send and receive SMS’s

2. Have your 10 digit index number used in the BECE exam

3. Input your index number as a text in your phone. Do not put spaces between the numbers

4. Send the number to 1060 and wait for an SMS.

5. In case you are unsuccessful, then proceed to inputting the 10 digit index number followed by the last two digits of the year you sat for the exam. For example, if you did the exam in 2018 and your index number are 1234567890. You send 123456789017 to 1060.

How to check BECE placement on the internet

It is possible to check your BECE placement status online. All you need is a device, preferably a computer that can access the internet.

This is how you check BECE placement results online;

1. Go to the official online portal here

2. You will then be required to input your 10 digit Index number. Here, it is paramount that the last two digits of the year you sat for the exam is added to the index number as the last two digits.

3. You are required to have your scratch card with you. You will be required to enter the serial number of your scratch card that is at the top of the card

4. Enter the PIN that can be located on the same scratch card

5. The final step is submission of the information as you wait for your results to pop up.

The WEAC BECE placement form can be downloaded online after you have completed the online check. It is important to have the form as proof of your placement status.

You can now begin the necessary procedures to continue your education to the Senior High School level.

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