The Students’ Representative Council of the University of Ghana has successfully negotiated a reduction in the fare for the shuttles that run on campus and have also succeeded in getting the operators of the service to schedule its services on weekends.

In a communique signed by Vice President of the SRC Moses Baafi Acheampong and Secretary Janet Maame Serwaa Arkoful Awotwe, the SRC indicated that it had successfully negotiated for the shuttle fare reduction from GHC1 to GHC0.80 (80 pesewas) on a condition that patrons of the service sign up to E-Zwich, an electronic payment services to aid the operators of the service, Road Safety and Transport Company to maximize its profits by way of eliminating physical cash transactions.

The SRC have also pushed for shuttles to run till 8:00 pm in the night to ensure that students who have lectures around those periods have access to the service bearing in mind that lectures on campus ends at 7:30pm. Tied to this, is the running of the service even on weekends.

It is the expectation of the SRC that students will sign on to the E-Zwich platform which will be freely provided across campus to facilitate this reduction as patrons who use physical cash will pay the old price.