University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission Forms On Sale

University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission

University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission Forms On Sale


The University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission Application is opened for all applicants interested in applying for various diploma or degree programmes.

Applicants interested in the purchase of University of Education Winneba UEW admission forms for the 2017 / 2018 academic year are to take critical note of the following information.

University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission Application is fully online. Applicants are to use a serial number and a pin to apply.

To apply for admission, you need to purchase a UEW Online Application Voucher with a serial number and a pin from the banks below or by using a VISA Card to be able to apply on the university website.

NOTE: You will need the voucher and pin to check the status of your application. Please keep it safe.

How to apply for University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission Application

  1. To be able to apply, you need to visit any of the banks listed below to purchase a UEW Online Application Voucher. Make sure you buy the correct voucher;
    • DIRECT – GH¢ 200.00 (Diploma & Undergraduate – Only WASSCE / SSS Applicants)
    • MATURE – GH¢ 300.00 (Applicants 25 years and over OR who will be 25 years by 1st August)
    • POST DIPLOMA – GH¢ 200.00 (Applicants who have a recognised Diploma / Higher National Diploma as specified in the brochure)
    • POST GRADUATE – GH¢ 250.00 (Applicants who have a First Degree eg Bachelor or Second Degree eg. Masters)
    • INTERNATIONAL – US$ 100.00 (or Ghana Cedi Equivalent) (Applicants who are not Ghanaians)
  2. The application form you fill will depend on the Voucher you buy. This will also determine how your application is assessed.
  3. Your picture should be of a passport size in .jpg format with a size not exceeding 128kilobytes. The background must be white. The system will reject the picture if it does not conform to the specifications above.
  4. To complete the application, make sure you have the following documents scanned to attach; where applicable.
    (a) WAEC Result Slip
    (b) Transcript of Academic Records
    (c) Academic Certificate
    (d) Birth Certificate
    (e) National Identification Card
    (f) SSNIT Card
    And any other documents to aid in your application. The documents should be in .jpg, .png or .pdf format.
  5. Proceed to this website and login with the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN you received from the bank.
  6. Don’t forget to SUBMIT your application and PRINT a copy for yourself after completion.

For Enquiries on University Of Education Winneba UEW 2017 – 2018 Admission forms, Please Call:

Winneba: (0) 332365981 or 0501434046 or +233 (0) 332320418 or +233 289528239

Kumasi: +233 (0) 322053617 or +233 (0) 322053617

Mampong: +233 (0) 202041117

Distance: +233 (0) 207381668 or +233 (0) 202041141

Graduate School: +233 (0) 202041133



  1. GOOD EVENING SIR, Please sir am owusu monica and I completed this year 2018 and the results grade that am having is core math E8,English D7,science C6,social D7,Twi C5 Economics c4,Government B3,and c.R.s D7. and I want to study political science in Education so please will I get the chance to be in your school .Thank you.

  2. Sir… I had the following result in my wassce:
    Core Maths. C6
    Int. Sci. B2
    English. C4
    Economics. C6
    B. M. C5
    Costing. D7
    Can l offer B.Sc Physical Education (PE)?



  5. Am with diploma in basic education ,can I apply and persue integrated science in degree I have science background from shs and college

    • Pls Sir, I had c6 in English, b3 in Social Studies, d7 in I-Science & C-Maths,b2 in Geography,c6 in History,b2 in Asante Twi & E8 in Economies. Plz cn I apply for Education?

  6. Pls i had
    Eng c6,social c4,maths B3,E maths c4,Bm c4,Econs c6,Accounting c6 n science c6
    can i gain admission in uew to pursue Bsc mathematics edu.?

  7. Please am 25 years now and I want to offer distance programme i.e diploma in basic education , Should I apply direct or b as a mature student

  8. please i have two certificate,one with English language cancel but other subject very Good
    And the other certificate, i had c6 in English, D7 maths, D7 science..BM A1, cost accounting D7,Fin Accounting B2, Emaths E8 social c4
    please will i gain addimission with the two

  9. Please I just saw the notice online.
    I’m interested in the sandwich programmes. so l want to know when is the closing date for the application for the admission? And show I buy the form now,when will we start school? (sandwich)

  10. Plz Cn I apply ff economics education wid de ff grades. Science b3 c- maths c5, eng b3, social c5, econs b2, geog b2, govt b2, crs b2,

  11. Please I have Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) from University Of Cape Coast. I want to study English and Fante at UEW by distance learning, will it be possible for me?

  12. I completed Tamale Polytechnic,DBS Marketing option in 2014,and completed UEW Kumasi,Diploma in Education in August 2017.Am still waiting for my results from UEW.With these two certificates,am i qualified to apply for 2-Year Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management(B.BA-HRM)?

  13. I had Math E8 Social C5 Science C6 English C6
    BM B3 Fin Acct D7 Econs C5 Costing C4 can I apply for a program in the university

  14. Please can I apply foe Social studies education wirh the following grades,SocialA1 MathsD7 EnglishD7 ScienceC6 EconsB3 GovernmentB3 LiteratureF9 GeographyC6

  15. am pure technical student with
    Science pass, Social credit, Math pass ,
    English pass , and l had the following
    grades in my electives Distinction, Credit
    and Pass. And had the following grades in
    my Advance level Distinction, Pass and
    Pass. Would l get admission to the schoo

  16. Please can I apply for bachelor of social science in education with these grades SocialA1 MathsD7 EnglishD7 ScienceC6 GovernmentB3 EconomicsB3 GeographyC6 and literature F9.

    • please I had maths B3,social D7 English c4 n science is cancelled n I also had a previous wassce cert with Social B2 n science E8 can I apply for a degree program

  17. I bought an waiting forms but I was owing school fees but I just settled the debt in my previous school and I haven’t get my results and admission too is getting out of time … So I want to find out if I am admitted???

    • I had c4 in social, c6 in English, d7 in maths,b3 in science, c5 in biology and e8 in chemistry and physics .can I do early childhood education

  18. Pls I have get admission and have pay my fees in full but my index number is not in and because if that I couldn’t register today.pls help me.

  19. Please am Darko,I had C5 in core maths and economics, C6 in english, geography and government and also had D7 in core science and please can I apply for communication studies or distance learning.

  20. am agyei ofori Michael i wont to get admission in your but my grade was French A1,science D7,history C4,social D7,English C6,geography D7,maths D7,economics B3

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  22. please I applied for textiles and social studies but have not receive any message.Also when am loging in with the voucher .The page is not loading.please I need ur help

  23. Nyaney Joseph is my name.
    I completed SHS this year(2017) the following result:
    Social studies B2
    Core mathematics C6
    English language C6
    Int. Science C6
    History A1
    CRS A1
    Government B3
    Lit-in-English C4
    And I want to study Religious studies and History

  24. My name is Nyaney Joseph
    I have completed SHS this year(2017) with grade 19
    Social studies B2
    Int.Science C6
    English Language C6
    Core Math

  25. please I’m 26 and I applied as a matured candidate.I have only wassce certificate.what are my chances? I wrote the entrance exams too

  26. I apply for post dip bachelor of education basic education, I want to find out if admissions are ready becos my friends have theirs

  27. Please I had c6 in english,d7 in social,c6 in maths,c6 in economics,c4 in crs,c6 in history,c6 in government.So pls can apply for distance learning

  28. Pls i had C 5 in math, b3 in eng , c6 in sci, f9 in chemistry , b2 in social, b3 in mg ,b2 in food n I applyed for bs in home economic education n av not receive any admission . Wat do I do. Or don’t I qualifys

  29. Comment: Please can i apply for BSc Health Administration with these grades Maths C6,English C4, Social studies C4,CRS C5, Government C4, History B3

  30. please can I apply for political science
    with my WASSCE results
    Social studies B3,

    English language C4,

    Core Maths C6,

    Core Science D7,

    CRS C6,


    C4, Government B2,

    Asante Twi B3?

  31. Comment:please I had maths c4,social b3,science c6,english c5,accounting c6 ,business management c4,e maths c5 n economics b3 am i qualified to do B.Sc in business adminstration

  32. Comment:Pls I had maths c6,English b3,social c5,science b2,government c4,CRS b3,twi b2 and literature d7 so will be admitted if I apply for political science

  33. Please I failed in maths,science and literature but the others are good so I applied for education in early childhood but I haven’t received any feedback

  34. pls i fail in core maths and E8 in English and and I am a DBS holder with 4 passes 2 credit and 2 passes can i apply as a mature student

  35. Good morning, i want to apply for Bachelor degree in UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA, i am from Nigeria, please can i do so?

  36. Please I had second class lower and my Wassce I had English C5, accountingC6,business management C6, maths E8 Can I apply

  37. pls am a teacher n want to upgrade myself.where can i get some ur forms to buy n when will u close admmission.

  38. Please i had D7 in maths B2 in social,c5 in english,c4 in science n B3 in all the electives can i apply for B.A in history at the university of eductaion winneba.

  39. pls can i apply for Bsc in PE with math D7, english C6, Inter. science C5, Social B3, Government B3 Economics B3, Geography C5?

  40. pls can i apply for Bsc in PE with math D7, english C6, Inter. science C5, Social B3, Government B3 Economics B3, Geography C5?

  41. Please I submitted my application online last month and I have not received any information from the institution about my application. Please what should I do? Apply again or call them to find out?

  42. Please can I apply for distance learning with this wassce grades
    English C5, social C5, C math D7, inter science C5, biology C5, physics E8, chemistry E8, Emath E8

  43. Please am offering Diploma in basic education at Uew and will complete this year and want to know if I can apply for degree in this year or I have to wait for my certificate to come.

  44. Does UEW offer Bachelor of education courses by sandwich?
    If YES, can I apply for any course with my Dip. in basic education transcript since we’ve not graduated yet?

  45. Please I also had English C6, maths C6, scienceC6, social C5, economics C5, BM C4, financial accounting B3 and Costing B2. Can I apply for Bsr Information and communication technology?

  46. Please, I have HND Statistics, 2nd class lower. I also have Diploma in Education from UEW, Kumasi Campus. Can I use it to read Economics Education. I read Financial Accounting at SSS with no Economics (Accounting, Costing, Management and French).

  47. Pls I had the following results: maths_f9,science_d7,social c6,English d7,dagaare_b3,government e8,n economics f9.And I want to apply for the distance learning, will get admission?

  48. I have D7 in English, B3 in science, B3 in social, C6 in mathematics, C5 in E-maths, C6 in chemistry, D7 in physics, E8 in biology, can I apply for integrated science education?.

  49. Please am a dbs holder(management option) I have 3 passes, 1 credit and 1 distinction and then a certificate from national nursery teacher training centre. Am I qualified for a distance programme in your institution

  50. Pls I had English C5,science C5,social B3,CRS C6,government C6,history C6,maths D7 ,pls can I do political science with it in distance learning

  51. Please, am a diploma holder in basic education with second class lower division. I have interest in graphic design though I did not do it at the SHS but I did it at college of education as elective. I would like to find out if I could apply for it? My WASSE results: social stu:C5, English: C6, Maths(core):C6, Science (core):D7, Economics: E8, Geography: C4, Government: B3. Thanks!

  52. Pls I had social B3,science C5,English C5,government C6 ,CRS C6,economics C6,history C6 n maths D7 so pls can apply for distance learning

  53. is it possible to have D7 in Maths as the only worst grade and get admission to offer computer science or education? for diploma, not degree

  54. Please I had c6 in english, c4 in mathematics ,c6 in social studies ,d7 in sciense, b3 in history c6 in economics,c6 in c r s. So please will it be acceptable for me to offer social science.

  55. Can I apply dor diploma in basic education with two result english C5 maths D7 Social A1 Science D7 Government C5 CRS B3 History B3

  56. Pls cn i gt admission at uew wit dis result, social A1, science c6, maths d7, english d7, BM A1, costing c4, accounting c4, economics c4.

  57. Please I have completed Wesley college of education (2012) and wants to further my studies.
    1.Must I apply as direct student or mature student?
    2. When is the deadline for application and submission?

  58. Can i apply for Bsc.Management with these grade: English B3, Social B3, Science C4, Cmaths C6, Biology C5, Physics C6, Emaths D7


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