The Tertiary Education Students’ Charter, University of Ghana of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) has said, it is vigorously working behind the scenes to ensure a great come back into the mainstream of students politics.

Speaking to, the president designate who spoke on anonymity has raised concerns about low patronage of TESCHART in the university community. According to him, the Charter has stooped so low that its activities are barely recognised.

The President designate has therefore assured that the new executives to assume office are seemingly resting, ” we are working extra hard to become the strong alternative needed in our country’s multi party democracy”, he added, TESCHART UG  is bouncing back with full energy to compete intellectually with the other political groups on campus.

“We believe that, with all the programmes we are rolling out next academic year, TESCHART would be a force to reckon with”, the president designate has said.

The Charter has a lot of activities to work on in the medium to long term goals, but for the short term, our aim is to rebrand, and energize the charter in the university and make our parliamentary candidate, Mr. Kweku Quansah the Obvious choice for the electorates.

Parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency

Parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency

Mr. Kweku Quansah, is the parliamentary candidate for Ayawso West Wuogon Constituency and the patron for TESCHART UG.

In his concluding words, the president designate for TESCHART UG is reiterating  the need for students to choose and join the CPP and TESCHART for that matter, indicating that the CPP is the only honest political party in the country.