Teacher Training College Admission Forms 2017

By | March 19, 2017

Teacher Training College Admission Forms 2017

Teacher Training College Admission Forms 2017 for all Colleges of Education across the country are out on sale at the various sales points.

The price of Teacher Training College Admission Forms for 2017/2018 application is Ghc 130 and the forms can be gotten at any Training College, UniBank, Ghana commercial Bank across the country as well as through using Tigo, Airtel and MTN mobile money platforms by dialing *9248#

All applicants are to visit admission.coeportal.edu.gh after the purchase of the admission voucher to put in their application.

Copies of the required documents are to be posted to the selected college of education before the closing date of application which is 29/7/2017.

Entry Requirements for Teacher Training College Admission Forms 2017

The general requirement for admission to the diploma in basic education programme for both WASSCE and SSSCE holders is credit in five subjects comprising three core and two elective subjects as specified below for the various options within the programme:


WASSCE/SSSCE Credit Passes in English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science/Social Studies and Two Elective Subjects.


WASSCE/SSCE Credit Passes In English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science And Two Elective Subjects In The Area Of Mathematics And/or Science (Elective Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry And Biology)


WASSCE/SSCE Credit Passes In English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science/ Social Studies And Two Elective Subjects Including French.


    WASSCE/SSCE Credit Passes in English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science and Two Elective Subjects in the Areas of Mathematics, Science and Technical Education.


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81 thoughts on “Teacher Training College Admission Forms 2017

  1. alfred nketsiah

    i had
    math credit
    english pass
    science pass
    social pass
    welding credit
    technical credit
    practical pass
    fabrication pass

    i am a technical student please

  2. alfred nketsiah

    i am a technical student i offered welding
    i had
    maths. credit
    english pass
    int science pass
    social pass

    welding tech credit
    practical pass
    fabrication pass
    technical drawing credit

    please wil i get chance in your collage

  3. Augustine

    please am having maths B3 English d7 science D7 social d7 can I apply

  4. Leticia

    Pls I had d7 in both science and social can I apply for teacher training

  5. Samuel

    Please i had the following results when i sat for Wascce Examination, can i get admission to Teacher Training College next academic Year (2018).

    Social Studies -B3
    Mathematics( Core ) -B3
    Integrated Science -C6
    English Language -D7
    Business Management -B3
    Economics. -C5
    Financial Accounting -C5
    Mathematics (Élective)-C6

  6. Samuel

    Please can I be Admitted To The Teachers Training College with the following Grades?

    Social Studies – B3
    Core Mathematics- B3
    Integrated Science-C6
    English Language – D7
    Business Mgt. – B3
    Financial Acct. – C5
    Economics – C5
    Elective Maths – C6

    Please I can be Admitted??

    1. MySkuul Post author

      Keep checking legonconnect.com and you will always be in the know

      1. Samuel

        Please Can i get admission next academic year (2018) with the following grades:

        Social Studies -B3
        Mathematics -B3
        Science -C6
        English -D7
        Business Mgt. -B3
        Economics. -C5
        Fin. Accounting-C5
        Elective Maths.-C6

  7. darko

    pls ihad eng c4,maths d7,science b3,social a1,govt b2,second b3,history a1,geography b3
    can I get admission into any COE

  8. Nana BOTWE

    plz, I offered emaths, geography, economics, government with pass marks.can I apply for maths and science in any training colleges.

  9. Afriyie Kuffour

    please I had English C6, core maths C5, science B3, social B3, biology C5, physics D7, chemistry D7, elective maths D7, will I qualified to teacher training college

      1. Afriyie Kuffour

        but please I sad down for Nov/DEC,and I had physics C6, can I add to the waece to qualify?

  10. Ben

    am Ben,
    I had d7 in English and science. will I get admission into any of the teacher training college’s?

  11. MySkuul Post author

    Hello guys, I hope you guys are really happy now since almost all GCB branches are selling the forms. You can send a text to this number (0262624986) if you are in Accra and can meet me around Tema or Ashaiman. This is to those that needed help on filling the application form online. Don’t forget It is for a FEE and only text messages will be attended to. Cheers

  12. Prosper

    The forms now on sale # 140gh and cut grade C6, 5 subjects
    if u had D7 in any of ur core subjects u are out

    1. Tetteh Kojo

      How Many Core Subjects Will Be Considered? I Learnt The Requirement Is At Least C6 In Maths, English And Either Science Or Social Studies. It Means D7 In Maths Or English You Are Out .

  13. Richard

    Hmmm Mensah say it again ooh, these people are joking with our life ooh. We are waiting for them paaaa

      1. Anonymous

        Is True that we unite and go out for a massive demonstration. Just less than a year change of government and they want to frustrate Us?No because of their so called allowance.

  14. Mensah noble Emmanuel

    What is really going on this year,it is true that no pain no gain so we are waiting for the restoration of the allowance so u can do whatever you want to do

  15. Richard

    Oh Ashai forget Wai yesterday I and my friend went to unibank, Ghana commercial bank and Ghana post office still we didn’t get some to buy Wai they sai it’s not out

  16. Ashai

    plssss friends, has anyone here gotten sm of da teacher training forms to buy

  17. Richard

    Today koraa I went to Ghana Commercial bank they say it’s not out ooh eei what’s going on koraa?

  18. Elorm

    Please with d7 in math can I apply for teacher training college

  19. Richard

    I have checked from the Ghana Commercial Bank Koforidua branch, they say is not out oooh. What’s really going on this year?@MySkuul?

  20. MySkuul Post author

    Teacher training forms are out on sale. We will update you as soon as the nursing training forms are on sale again

  21. Richard

    March 10th and nursing training forms and teacher training forms are not out. Why?

  22. Richard

    So is this what the new government want to do? Did we forced them to promise restoration of allowance? They are joking with our lives ooh .

  23. mercy

    Pls my friend visited one of de college today buh dey said is not on sale ooo

  24. francis

    pls i had d7 in maths can i apply for teacher training colleage

  25. Larbi Ofori Richard

    Ok thanks you people are doing a great work keep it up.@ legonconnect

    1. MySkuul Post author

      Yes you can apply. Three core and three electives are needed for admission. English is a critical core subject though

  26. Larbi Ofori Richard

    Please will teacher training applicants also attend an interview?@MySkuul

  27. Larbi Ofori Richard

    Please is it true that there will be an entrance exams for nursing and teacher training colleges?

  28. Amos

    i heard de teachers training college forms wil come in dis February but I’ve not heard anything again pls any news ??

  29. Lamptey Julius

    Pls Kindly Update us when the Teacher Training College forms are out. we are Counting on U @legonconnect. Thanks

  30. Prosper

    Can i apply for Maths/science with these grades?

    Eng D7
    Maths C5
    Econs C6
    A/c C6
    social C4
    science C6
    E maths C6
    Bm c4

  31. Solomon

    pls I had b3 in core math, c4 in English, c6 in science c4 in physics,c5 in biology, c6 in chemistry and d7 in e-math will I be admitted to offer education course in any university and which one pls

  32. felix

    please I had …sci,ss,eng,twi,georg-B3
    …….govt, econs-C4. ….
    …n c maths D7. ..
    will I get admission if I apply? ?

  33. Prosper

    Plx i had
    Eng d7
    maths c5
    science c6
    social c4
    accounting c6
    e maths c6
    Bm c4 and
    Econs c6
    can i get admission to any of the training colleges??

  34. Gloria

    Please I have D7 in core maths and English with another D7 in economics. Will I get admission in to the teachers training college if I apply.

    1. legonconnect Post author

      The cut off grade is C6 but you can apply to colleges in rural areas while finding ways to better your grades

  35. Matilda Baffour Awuah

    please I want to know when teacher training forms will be in

  36. acquah enerson

    keep me updated when the forms for teacher training college of education for 2017/2018 academic year’s is out

    1. legonconnect Post author

      Keep visiting legonconnect.com and you will not miss a thing

  37. Awuraa Abena

    please I had E8 in core maths but had aggregate 16. will get admission if I apply for early childhood ?

  38. Atsutse Courage

    Please I want to know the exact date the forms will ready so I get some and the price please..And again want to know the closing date for admission 2017/2018 academic year.

    1. legonconnect Post author

      When the teacher training forms are out, will will update it on our website. Keep checking


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