Re: UG SRC President fingered in Ghc 16,000 malfeasance

By | November 17, 2017

Our attentions has been drawn to the inaccuracy of a publication on our website titled (UG SRC President fingered in Ghc 16,000 malfeasance).

The publication on November 14th 2017 was based on a petition written by one Mr. Danial Obeng.

The elements of the petition upon which our publication was made is based on inaccuracies and untrue allegation against the SRC president of University of Ghana Mr. Daniel Otting Awuah.

We have published the response of the SRC (UG SRC Responses To Allegations That It Embezzled Student’s Funds) as well as the denial from the accused (UG SRC President Has Denied Embezzlement Accusations) accordingly on our website.

To that extent, we retract the publication and sincerely apologize to Mr. Daniel Otting Awuah, the SRC and all parties involved for the inconvenience caused.

Author: Israel Boafo Bansah

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