A press release has been issued out from the camp of former SRC Vice President aspirant, Sheriff Amoah a.k.a. SK Amoah. the press statement was released to clear the air on the reason for the sudden withdrawal of his partner and SRC Presidential aspirant Onaasis Sowah.

In a letter dated 10th April 2016, Sowah in a letter addressed to the Electoral Commission, he officially stated his decision to withdraw from the race and cited personal reasons for his decision. One thing that was missing was that, no where in the letter did he mention consultation with his vice since they are partners.

The withdrawal letter

The withdrawal letter

In the press statement released by SK Amoah, he accused Mr. Sowah of taking selfish, insensitive and incompetent decision. he then went on to explain why Sowah took such a decision.

He claimed to have credible evidence that suggests that Allen Obeng, who is also an SRC President hopeful had planted a spy who happens to be a friend of Sowah  in their camp. This friend Amoah claims, has been bought by Allen and has also convinced Onaasis by “buying him” and convincing him to take this decision without consulting his vice. SK Amoah then congratulated them for a good work done.

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On behalf of our colossal Team, i would like to use this august medium to unhesitatingly appreciate the love and kindness as well as the enthusiasm with which the members of our team supported SK Amoah and Sowah Anyetei Onassis.

SK Amoah and Sowah merged and decided to contest for the SRC presidential portfolio with the aim of working assiduously for the betterment and interest of the students of University of Ghana after attaining a massive victory.

Unfortunately,the above aim couldnt be achieved because of the insensitive,selfish and incompetent decision taken by Sowah.

In setting the records straight, it is incumbent on us to clear the air on this matter amidst series of questions and write ups from different less informed quarter’s indicting SK Amoah of being bought to shelve his ambitions.

We want to state emphatically that Sowah was LURED and CONVINCED by his very close friend, Richard Boateng (Richboat – Treasurer of Sarbah Hall) who also happened to be a spy for Allen in our camp. In fact knowing that SK Amoah is strong, gentle and uncompromising leader, Richard Boateng, Allen Obeng (SRC president hopeful), Allen’s campaign managers, Collins Agyapong (Executive), Edumadzi Nana Yaw Appiah (Osonoba) and some external forces were able to bombard SOWAH with all kinds of concoctions, threats, informal fallacies and induction of money to make SOWAH exit the contest WITHOUT the TRITE KNOWLEDGE of his Running Mate, S.K Amoah and all stakeholders within our great team.

In fact,we have intercepted credible evidence that can be used to apparently substantiate the fact that, Richard Boateng (Sowah’s friend) was “bought” by ALLEN OBENG, Allen’s campaign manager, Edumadze Nana Yaw Appiah (Osonoba) and some external “REDHEADS” to “kill the head of the snake to make it lifeless “.

Yes! Indeed Albert Einstein was right when he stated that; “an empty stomach is not a good political adviser”. Sowah and his selfish friend whose sense of thought is engulfed with evil, money and deception as well as Allen Obeng and his entourage who have explicitly demostrated a character which is highly against the core principles of democracy as far as elections are concerned; wishing to contest unopposed ,we say “AYEKOO!”.

The team would like to emphatically express gross grattitude to SK AMOAH for the equanimity he has shown since the day he realised such a betrayal. SHERIF, indeed! You are a leader, unlike Sowah whom the whole world has seen to be “JUDAS ISCHARIOT”. Since the that very day you declared your intentions to serve the Students of UG, you were subjected to tribal and religious fights most especially from the fraternity you cherish and belong to. Its our fervent prayer that we live to see your competent leadership in the future. Sherif, we supported you because we believe in your leadership and your capabilities,we say, may the almighty ALLAH bless you for pragmatically proving to us that you are an epitome of emotional, physical and mental strength nonetheless the fact that SOWAH has betrayed you and the huge financial commitment you made SOLELY over the period.

Finally, our team would like to assert that, all constituents of the Team are great and wonderful with different kinds of capabilities that could have made the team victorious had our candidates contested on the election day, for that reason, at an appropriate time in the day, we would conspicuously throw our unflinching and overwhelming support behind one of the seven candidates, and surely! Victory would be non-negotiable.

Thank you.

….With Kind Regards….
Appiah Ofosu Prince
(Political Prince/B.Marley)

Radio Univers.