Open Letter To The UGSRC President

Daniel Otting Levels SRC president of University of Ghana

Kwaku Asante writes:

Dear Daniel Otting Awuah,

Good day and I trust you are doing well. I was present at your inauguration and I must say your Inaugural address was on point.

But this day I write to you to elicit some information with respect to fees for the upcoming academic year. Already, on some WhatsApp platforms that I am, students keep asking about fees and there’s no clear cut response.

I know the first meeting of the Finance and General Purpose Committee (FGCP) has been held. For the benefit of readers, this is the committee that sets the fees and other things for the approval of University Council and the SRC is represented on this committee.

Again, we are told the meeting ended inconclusively and so no fees has been set yet for the consideration of University Council. But the issue is why the SRC deem it fit to keep all this development to itself without keeping students in the know.

Like I said somewhere, every serious administration should have by now released a statement to inform students about this latest development and it shouldn’t take whispers and hearsays for this to get to the Student neither should it take people’s ‘connections’ within the SRC to know this.

Communication is the bloodline of every serious organization and you toy with communication at one’s own expense. If you fail to communicate properly to the Student body, you’ll fail, and I’ll mince no words.

Honeymoon should be over by now, its time to get to serious business and if you keep some of these information from the student populace, sooner than later, you’ll loose the goodwill you enjoy from the students who hugely elected you and your colleagues into office.

It’s rumours that management may have decided to give the four halls of Diaspora out to SSNIT to be managed so that the latter can pay for the loan the school procured to put up those facilities and that fees for those residence are to go up by nearly 50%. This shouldn’t take faceless students to tell the student populace, if it’s true, the SRC should be in the know by now and appropriately inform students so they prepare.

Other issues such as plant fees and fuelling charges should all be on the radar by now. Daniel, if you and your colleagues fail to properly communicate, you’ll fail. Don’t listen to all these praise singers, neither should you urge them on to throw cheeky answers at students who ask as I witnessed this day on a WhatsApp platform. Those who seek to gain favour are many, do everything possible to protect yourself from them.

It is my hope that in the immediate, you’ll inform the General student body of happenings within the SRC.

For God, School and Country,
Kwaku Asante.

About Calvin Gyasi

I am a graduate of the University of Ghana studying Animal Biology and Conservation Science. I love writing and reporting events. A classically trained violinist and an analytical thinker I am. i am also A budding microbiologist.


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