National Service Personnel Kicks Against Insurance Policy

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After the launch of NSS Life Insurance Policy yesterday in Accra, Service Personnel across the country have started raising red flags about the policy to be altered on all Personnel nationwide.

A press release by a group of National Personnels; signed by Louis K. Anani (Convenor) suggest that, the intention of Government to introduce an insurance policy for National Service personnels serving the nation is in the right direction; but has not been done properly; to achieve it intended goal.

Speaking to, He stated that, government did not consult executives of NSPs to come up with this. “The executives of NSPs were not consulted because there are no executives. Elections are now been held at the district level and yet to be held at the National level. If someone has been consulted, he might be an old executive member. For that reason, government should have hold on, and consulted with executives after they have been elected; since they would serve the interest of current NSPs’”.

Louis K. Anani (Convenor)

In his statement, he made reference to the fact that, education by the National Insurance Commission, the Ghana Insurance Association, the Insurance Companies and other stakeholders has enabled most Ghanaians to be enlightened with the essence of insurance; and the reason why each person should be insured. To that effect, most Ghanaians; including NSPs have already been insured with an insurance policy. And it’s against insurance terms to be insured to a policy with two or more insurance companies.

For that reason, its compulsory nature would force NSPs to spend more on insurance; contributing double or more; whiles it benefit would be a shared responsibility to the insurance companies; instead of just one.

National service personnel who suffer permanent or temporary disability through accidents during the service year will now be entitled to GH¢15,000 insurance cover. The next of kin of service persons who die while undertaking the mandatory national exercise, will receive the same amount from Glico Life.

The Executive Director of the NSS, Mr Ussif Mustafa, explained that all service personnel would pay a monthly premium of GH¢15 to benefit from the insurance package.

“As part of this comprehensive initiative, there is a special package for free inter MTN calls for service persons each month, GH¢5 recharge airtime from MTN to other networks every month, free browsing on social media, 500 free messages, 100 per cent bonus on all MTN recharge made by service persons, as well as free viewing of a movie twice a year at Silver Star Cinema,” he added.

But Mr. Anani and other NSPs are strongly against that move and request that the policy is not be rushed into commencement; until broad consultation and agreement is made to serve the interest of all NSPs.

Read the Full Statement of the Press Release here


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