A Nation On Her Knees; Bad Governance And Individualism To Blame

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To All Youth and people of Ghana


“He who chooses to be neutral in situations of injustices, has chosen to be on the side of the oppressor.”
~Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu

Ghana, a country of peace and harmony, having gained her independence 60 years and still counting is yet to have some of her leaders and citizens understand what development and progress mean. The politicking and partisanship have buried this peaceful nation into a very deep slumber of selfishness, carelessness, bad governance and greed, from which she is yet to wake up. The sense of nationalism, patriotism, togetherness and unity of purpose, which bonded us as a people have been murdered in cold blood.

With an interesting, but unforgettable political record, it is clear some of our leaders have not apprehended what priority and essence mean in the context of democracy. I would have loved to talk about the political transition of Ghana post- independence, but it’s needless to do so today. During political campaigns, some of them promise ‘heaven’, but give us ‘hell’ after they have won the elections. A country where socialism has made it possible for people to steal and steal; loot and share, and even do it with impunity and joy; more so because of weak institutional frameworks. Anti-corruption campaigns have become dangerous to undertake, especially in situations where it’s spearheaded by one person. But thank God we still have individuals and groups who have defied all odds to keep up the fight for all and sundry; Manasseh Azure Awuni, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger SPI, Casely Hayford and the Occupy Ghana, Captain Smart, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, Chairman General, Richard Dela Sky among others. Kudos to you all!

Martin Luther said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. Akin to that, Nelson Mandela in one of his speeches said “Fools multiply when the wise remain silent”. The youth and people of Ghana have long been deceived. With a sharp rise in the number of secondary and tertiary graduates churned out each year by our educational institutions, our leaders have shown full apathy for unemployment, particularly graduate unemployment, in this peace-loving motherland of ours. Why should this be so? Why??

What crime have we committed? Is this how they reward us for giving them power? They chose to brand buses with photos of former Presidents than to provide ICT accessories to help prepare today’s child for this fast-transiting technological world. When people do not have safe water for use, but a fence wall could cost $500k (even the Great Wall of Jericho wouldn’t have required this amount to build). When the cost of a needless new villa for vice-presidents could be bloated from $4.35m to $14.5m, but NHIS collapses. Do we call this priority or stupidity? How do you term this? Some of our leaders, who have no idea of basic economics, are the ones managing our economy. It’s not surprising they don’t do due Cost and Benefit Analyses before embarking on projects; hence no value for money.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”~ Albert Einstein.

It’s only wickedness and cruelty that will make a government that has lost an election and had three days to vacate office, sign a contract for new and customized government vehicles at a cost of $9m; a government that had access to all kinds of revenues including that of oil, yet borrowed most and left huge debts. This is evil! These people are inhumane!!

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”. The youth of Ghana, where is that will? That will to rise and cause changes; to be objective and incorruptible. Where is it? Some of our leaders have betrayed us; they have robbed us. The Auditor General’s Reports alone will tell you how.

You, the Legon, KNUST, UCC, etc student was told prior last year’s election, that government had created over 1m jobs (which the former deputy minister of Education strongly and boldly professed). Please, it’s not true. They rather employed party faithfuls and paid salaries to ghost names, which ultimately ended up in their pockets. I believe you are aware of the rot that went on at the National Youth Employment Agency. I believe you also are aware of the review exercise carried out by the Ministry of Finance, out of which it was realised that close to 60,000 names that had been on government payroll never existed. So where have these monies been going to? Lord have mercy!! Is this governance or thievery!!

Do you know that in 2014, Ghana flew $4m to pay the Black Stars at the World Cup in Brazil? Do you know that only $3m was used? Do you know that the remaining $1m was never returned or accounted for? Have you read the Commission’s report? But the Sports Minister at that time is walking about, a free man. And these people tell us they have us at heart. It’s a lie! They have prioritized their stomachs and bank accounts over you!!

Do you know the previous government sold 4 state SUVs each for GHC2k, 4 pickups together for GHC18k and a Toyota V8 at GH¢30,000 to one Mr Asem Emmanuel, an auto mechanic?? Hmmmm!!!!
(Source: Kasapa FM)

I end here for today with a passionate appeal to Mr President and all his ministries, departments and agencies to arm themselves and lace their boots for the fight against this canker called corruption, for it’s the single most wicked act against this nation.

We are watching Mr President! Oh yes!, we are; For Ghana belongs to us all, not any political party. We are keenly watching your governance!!!!

Let’s all be reminded of this quote “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but ourselves” ~ William Shakespeare


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