Re: Postponement of the UG SRC elections: The Hidden acts of Daniel Otting Awuah(levels), Janet Maame Serwaa Arkorful Awotwe & Ms Ethel Donkor

The disappointments at the inability to hold the scheduled SRC election seemingly would not end, as passing moments suggest the commitment of ghosts to malign characters and destroy good faiths. I write in reference to the above named writ that sought to situate and establish Otting Awuah Daniel, Maame Serwaa and Ethel as joint causes of the day’s mishaps. This writing will among other things, submit an invitation for rational and an unbiased evaluation of the processes described therein, and in so doing, extend a friendly invitation for the determination of the conclusion.

The writing in focus makes some damning assumptions. Critical among these is the assertion that the implicated aspirants obstructed the quest to obtain an injunction on the day’s activity, a phenomenon that is largely attributed to the apathy they exhibited. It is important to acknowledge the defects in such reasoning. For a group of not less than ten persons unanimously agreed on the inconsistencies and bad faith on the procedures that would guide their election, it makes no sense that the dissociation of three persons will demand a total neglect of their convictions. A single individual firmly grounded in his displeasure is at liberty to secure the needed injunction and demand the return to appropriate processes, devoid of the participation of all. Hence, the absence of these three persons should not guarantee a boycott of the projected measures at redress. The reasoning presented is lame and suggestive of an unresolved conflict with the named persons and not necessarily in the interest of truth, as suggested.

The writ makes another assumption to the effect that Derrick Abotsi and Julian Cobbinal, well-known members of the NDC were in bed with TESCON to ensure the promotion of these three persons ahead of the others. Alas, there is not much to be said on this ridicule on intellect. But if anyone will ever assume, even sheepishly, that TESCON and TEIN will on some day, cooperate in a matter on students’ elections, then there is no point in fighting partisan infiltration, as there is hope that at some point, extremists will dine together and promote a single belief.

Ethel Donkor is a lovable person, one who doesn’t deserve to be accused of trading her dignity for man’s favor. On this I do not pray logic in determining the extents of absurdity, I pray the conscience of her accusers, while I take solace in the potency of Karma.

Today’s events have been undesired. Regardless however, it is not enough to seek undue capital from this to propagate mischief. For all it is worth, had any of the aspirants won the polls today, I struggle to accept he or she would have expressed dissatisfaction at the process. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. A candidate who is loud in his criticism and is quick to blame others for his failures is not fit to lead students. For starters, that is not the definition of competence. If you believe in something, defend it, with or without the support of the world, let alone, three equally clueless co aspirants.

Eleazer Quayson