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Deep to her heart I dug, But the chalice of her romance is a toxic filthy mug. Her betrayal is an open ocean, Her victory dance is the tide’s own motion. Seemed to ye my affection was inept. Love was all the cause, My loneliness is the effect. Brethren where there’s love there’s lies, No sage shall say… Read More »

The Cyclone

She whirls round and round, Turning me with her. Stealing my sight and strength that I vent on her rage. Her long arms of icy torment encircle me. Her face is a flashing screen, reminding me of my father in Sheol He silently endured this ritual of succumbing, so will I My will conflicts with hers. When does… Read More »

Caught Up

The heart is palpitating. The hair is in blades running around The mind…the mind is over-cluttered Objects and images have been unlocked from their cages They’ve gone beserk chasing after the wind; slipperily grasping Unfastening cords and wires in the brain, they make the body knuckle under Unrestrained, ideations fly about tauntingly, teasing me to dare get hold… Read More »

Poem:- “Beyond Election”

Our Politicians See us as the Jews They are the Sumerians And they give no juice And yet their obnoxious Laws oblige us to Choose Narcissistic leaders But friends of the Populace during elections They are the sons and Daughters of Draco, Their maternal uncle Is Thrasymarchus And they come in Lycurgean suits and cloaks. Here and now… Read More »


The thought of her hung me askew in her absence, her delicious savouries rapt I deep inside the belt of the ocean Feminine sway O, dearest, her ox-eyed outshines the skins of a pool of mermaid, it shatters, and builds a tower in me, what is this feeling taking over my sixth sense? My soul now cries, it… Read More »


Are things right with today’s youth! It never seems to boggle the mind what befell the ways of couth Mayhem of an inexplicable kind In the quest for earliabundant money As uncouth as the youth gets The fraudster finds it funny So far as the white’s cash he nets Computers and jujumen remain their friends Out of the… Read More »


In your enviable palace would wandering birds like I come to perch. The heart encapsulated in your most revered empire compels me to church. Tears engulfed my whole disposition and a fugitive bird am I, Your spotless teeth that spark and glow to insidiously blind the servant’s eye. Mea amo regina, I would come to grace your couch… Read More »


You that lure affluence people and reduce them to loaves of bread, A thing of beauty is a joy forever but yours have profusely bled. Highly ranking professionals have thrown their code of ethics at/to the wind, Prostitutes prey on them, believe they that; they’re kings and kind. The chronic and dreadful disease has come to stay,  … Read More »