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Clothed with Shame

Clothed with Shame The tool of pain and strive Lingering within my space I sort to go blank So dizzy I am drunk Behold my shame all Am rejected like snow ball Mesmerized at shame Abandoned with pain The flickering lights of joy They flash my eye balls Disdain, fury and anger They take away my temper Disappointed… Read More »

Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Ghana and their Fees

Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Ghana and their Fees. The fees  some of these schools charge will shock you. Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Ghana and their Fees Ghana’s standard of education have improved overtime. Presently, ranked among the countries that have good schools. When you talk about good schools… Read More »

Young people and Survival; The harm you do.

Enoch Weguri writes: The immense importance of the young people anywhere is a fact no one can dispute. Young people are the future as well as the most active of world population and the dominant age group in Ghana. Ghana has adopted the African Union’s definition of young people which regards persons from the age of 15 to… Read More »

Who Is To Be Blamed?

Daakyehene Gerald writes: My laptop is resting on my laps in front of the balm library and it is exactly 4:42 A.M. I shake my head and I noticed that a number of glitches that are plaguing our tertiary institutions float my mind. For a moment I asked myself, who is to be blamed? Is it the government?… Read More »

UG FEES AND ‘POLIPRENEURS’ (Political Enterpreneurs)

UG FEES AND ‘POLIPRENEURS’ (Political Enterpreneurs) Following the release of fees for the 2017/2018 academic year and the animosity that has greeted it, I have this few suggestions to make to all students, activists and anyone who cares to make a change with the fee schedule. I have seen around, and as typical of we Ghanaians, anomic groups… Read More »